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In 1959, we started development and production of solenoid valves for industrial use, and in 2005 we became independent from our parent company, Keihin Corporation, under our current name. Thanks to all of you, we are able to celebrate our 15th anniversary in 2020.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have been involved so far with a big thank you.

For more than half a century we have been involved in the development, design and manufacture of valves while responding to various customer needs.
There are several thousand different types of valve in the world, but they are all behind the scenes and not in open view. However, they are absolutely essential to our lives, and with pride in our work we continue to promote diversified and multifunctional products in response to changes in the world.

We will continue to work with our customers and thus contribute to the development of the valve industry in any way that we can and we welcome any work from our customers about which other companies say that “costs are out of proportion,” “it looks troublesome,” “volumes are too low” and so on. As professionals in valve production, all of our employees respond with enthusiasm, sincerity and a sense of speed.

With the aim of creating products that please our customers and meet the needs of society, while giving continued efforts every day we are moving forward step by step to endeavor as a company to give dreams and happiness to its employees and their families.


Eiji Yokoyama,President & CEO